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About Us

Price: 6.000,00 EUR

Sima Import is a Canadian leader in the importation and retails of medical and recreational electric vehicles . Established since 2010 Import Sima know a meteoric rise . We are Proud of our Buyers choices who work hard to bring you the latest technologies and the more reliable product on the market.

We will always provide you the latest technologies worldwide . We work in collaboration with the biggest factory in the word to provide to our valuated customer, the most advanced product in the Canadian and Quebec market. Our main partners are located in China , Taiwan , Germany to the United States and Denmark and Israel. We also have partnerships with the largest Canadian wholeseller of medical mobility vehicles. We are proud to collaborate with Eclipse Medical, Heartway ,Afikim Medical and Freerider as well as other large off shore factory.

Our group also owns several e-store like:,,,, Super- and

We always offer you the best prices in Canada on most of our items and we often sell the same price or cheaper than the larger American distributors. Our purchasing power and our rigorous administrative structure allows us to keep our prices low while maintaining a level of customer service courteous and efficient.

Sima Import is a Quebec company and we are proud to offer Quebecers exclusive product. Our consultants are highly trained to offer you the right product for you. Do not be surprised if we refuse to sell you a product that it deems harmful to you. Your security is very important to us, and we always try to meet your requirement, but we are very stick on the safety. We will never sell you a scoter that is not safe for your condition.

Sima Import is unquestionably the store that offers the largest selection of electric vehicles in Canada!

Visit one of our website, and look at our store address if you feel like you prefer to come in our large retail store!


S12 Monster X Mobility Scooter

The much-anticipated Heartway USA Vita S12X is here. The Vita S12xis a sleek-looking and powerful 4-wheel scooter, turning heads of those working years in the industry and newcomers alike. What makes this vehicle so special is its top speed of 12 mph and a 28 miles maximum travel distance.

Another plus is its rugged design and large… elevated-tread wheels, which allow easy maneuverability over outdoor terrain and snow, 30¨ seat to floor, front and rear independent suspension provides a smooth ride regardless of the surface.

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Deluxe Foldable Mobility Scooter

1.Turng radius:125cm
2.Battery power:12V 20Ah X 2
3.Max speed: 12 KMH
4.Driving distance:36km
5.Climb degree:12°
6.Base height:6.8cm
7.Max Loading:117.93KG/260LBS
8.Motor:24V 350W
9.Controller:D.C.Motor Controller
10.Seat height:550MM(the height can adjustable and turn)

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Triporteur S12T Vita 3
Un triporteur Haut de Gamme

Le S12T est un triporteur équipé d’un écran d’affichage à cristaux liquide qui indique la vitesse, la température, la distance parcourue et l’état de la batterie. Ses roues sont en alliage d’aluminium.
Doté d’un puissant moteur de 700 watts, il possède un siège confortable avec dossier entièrement réglable, appuie-tête et accoudoirs, ce qui donne un confort hors-pairs.
Sa capacité de charge est de 350 Livres

S12T Vita 3 mobility scooter
A high-end scooter

The S12T is a scooter with a screen liquid crystal display that shows speed, temperature, distance traveled and battery status. Its wheels are aluminum alloy.
With a powerful 700 watts, it has a comfortable seat with backrest fully adjustable headrest and armrests, providing top-notch comfort.
Its load capacity is 160kg.

Be informed

Speed, consumption, ideal and calculated range, temperatures and much more. Sophisticated electronics collect processes and display a large variety of data to the rider, which helps to plan your trip.

Régulier 5495.00$
Spécial Liquidation 3495.00$
Appellez nous 418 446 2392 (Québec)
Appellez nous 514 439 2023 (Montréal)
Modèle de Plancher seulement a ce prix!
Triporteur Vita 3 S12 Heartway
Orange Brulé ou Blanc Disponible

New Item

Scooter with padel

Motor: 800W 48V Hub motor-Brushless
Max speed: 45km/h
Battery: 48V/12Ah Lead-acid
Charge time: 6-8 hrs
Distance per charge: 25km
Deck: ABS Resin
Max Load: 115kg
Drive mode: Chain
Tire size: 90/65-6.5
Folding: Yes
Brake(F/R): Disc/Disc
Light: Front and rear LED
Seat: Yes, removable
Frame material: Hight-tensile steel
Dimension: 1220 x 615 x 1125mm
Seat height: 760mm
Wheelbase: 925mm
G.W/N.W: 48/44kgs
Packing Size:1220 x 310 x 510mm
48V Hub motor with pedal assistance

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Scooter without Pedal

1. Arrièrre cart included. ($ 40 Value)
2. Aluminium platform rather than plastic. (Value $ 50)
4. Rear wheel carrier renforcie. Keeps the chain taut and perfectly align the wheel! (Value $ 30)
5. Front fender and rear carbon fiber style ($ 45 value)
6. Improved brake! (Value $ 30)
7 Batteries and motor 48V, mainteant included in all our scooter without surplus! (Value $ 90)
8. Mirror included (value $ 25)
9. Speedometer and mileage digital. (Value $ 50)
10. Training by very strong and silent belt! (Value $ 50)
11. Suspension Mono Shock adjustable (Value $ 50)

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The Climber 2014

Here the electric bike Climber 2014 liFePowerbike! Affordable mountain bike equipped with a 350 Watt motor and a battery of 12 amps. The Climber 2014 an autonomy of about 60 KM and is equipped with a Shimano.

The climber is a bike with an affordable price, but should satisfy most people.

Excellent value for price!

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Electric bike Himalayas by LiFePowerbike

Here the electric bike Himalayas 2014 Lifepowerbike. The most powerful electric bike available in Canada! 500 Watts motor with high torque. Its huge lithium battery gives it a range of about 100 km. The bike is equipped with 8 Himalayas level of assistance that gives him incredible flexibility and autonomy. Its ultra-powerful 500-watt motor easily propulseras you to the highest peak! It will mount easily anywhere it odd! Furthermore, it is equipped with hydrolic brake that gives him the best possible braking.

Cycling Himalayas is by far the most powerful electric bike market!

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Electric bike Vélix 2015 LiFePowerbike

Here is the most powerful electric bike market! The vélix of LiPoWerbike is unquestionably the best and most powerful folding electric bike in Canada! Equipped with a powerful 500 watt motor and a lithium battery of 36 volts and 20 Amperes, the Vélix 2015 is equipped with the largest battery available on the market. This is the equivalent of more than 2 lithium batteries for our competitor!

The 2015 is maintained Vélix available with the new system has 8 levels of assistance! He spent a slight assistance an extreme in some favorite pédal support thanks to its incomparable System!

The Vélix 2015 is by far the best folding bikes in Canada!

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LifePowerBike Townsman V2

The city version 2. Motor 350 watts. Batteries 12 amps. Range of about 75 KM. The perfect bike for bike paths!

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EzyPlay Motor Brake

* Opened up and folded down in seconds – no parts need removing.
* Light weight design.
* Electronic system protection – digital current cut-off system to protect the electronics and motor.
* Thin air tires design for function very well.
* Exclusive design of wider front air wheel.
* Front wheel fitted with ball bearing for long last and reliable service.
* Differential gear box with twin axle for very easy making turn.
* Excellent manufacturing quality.
* EzyPlay Folded Dimensions: 71 x 53 x 29.5 cm .

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Scooter electrique Québec f-18

Fonction Cruise control, indicateur de vitesse, espace de rangement et très confortable!  84KM d’autonomie en moyenne. Luxueux et confortable !

No de produit Le F 18
Couleur Rouge, Bleu foncé, jaune blacc
Categorie Scooter Électrique Légal dans la rue
Motor Power 500W
Battery Type Lead Acid (72V 20AH)
Max Speed 32 (km/h)
Driving Range 84(km)
Certificate CE
Dimension (L×W×H) 1840×700×1260 (mm)
Controller Type 12 tubes
Meter Type Digital

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Scooter electrique La tempête!

Fonction Cruise control, indicateur de vitesse, espace de rangement et très confortable!  70 KM d’autonomie en moyenne. Luxueux et confortable !

No de produit La tempete
Couleur Rouge, Bleu foncé, Noir,blacc
Categorie Scooter Électrique Légal dans la rue
Motor Power 500W
Battery Type Lead Acid (72V 20AH)
Max Speed 32 (km/h)
Driving Range 70(km)
Certificate CE
Dimension (L×W×H) 1840×700×1260 (mm)
Controller Type 12 tubes
Meter Type Digital

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The Lamborghini Electric Scooter

Here is the most powerful scooter in Quebec! Legal on the road and the bike path, the Lamborghini is equipped with the esacalade technology, which propels the top of nimporte what side with incredible ease. The Lamborghini is very luxurious and offers many luxury standeur equipment such as: lights front and rear is Del, Integrated FM Radio and a jack for your iPod or any MP3 player.

Lamborghini is also very robust and can acceuilr two people easily. It is equipped with frain has front and rear disc hydrolic and tires 4 inch wide. The Lamborghini has the comfort of a motorcycle fuel luxury, but with all the advantages of an electric scooter.

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Luggie Foldable mobility scooter

Now there is a truly portable mobility scooter that is both rugged and very comfortable. It folds in half to fit in the trunk of your car. It requires no tools to set up nor are there any removable parts (except the battery) when you fold it for transport.

The Luggie has power forward, power reverse and power brakes. The seat heighth is adjustable and it has 2 armrests. The state of the art, Lithium battery offers a 5 year life span under normal usage and care. It's fun, safe, comfortable and very affordable.

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Foldable scooter Brio Heartway

This is the perfect scooter for travelers and people who need to constantly carry their scooter. The traveler scooter of

Here is the best scooter in the word for whom need to travel a lot!




115kgs(250 lbs)


16" Fish-on



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889XLSN Shoprider Mobility Scooter

Shoprider’s Imperial 889xlsn is designed specifically for the person who wants to stand out from the crowd. These unique scooters offer performance and features second to none. Innovative yet practical to meet the needs of the consumer who wants it all.

> Shoprider 4-wheel cabin scooter
> Windshield wiper with fluid reservoir
> 2hp motor with 12.5 inch tires
> Full suspension with light package and delta tiller
> 75ah batteries with 8a charger
> Available colours: red or blue

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King Rider

16.3" Wheels, Battery 75AH or 100 AH (Option)

Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair, 11.5 mph

Color: White

Download user manual

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Fox Rider

Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair, 11.5 mph

14.3" Wheels, Battery 75AH

Color: White, Metallic grey

Download user manual

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Super Rider

Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair, 10.5 mph

13.8" Wheels, Battery 50AH or 75 amps (Option)

Color: White, Red 11, Blue 51, Silver 71, Diamond 72

Download user manual

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Tough Rider

Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair, 11 mph

13" Wheels, Battery  36AH

Color: Red

Download user manual

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